The exchange to another size or item is free of charge!

For the free exchange we ask you to send us an email to with your order number and the desired size in advance.

After internal check we will send you the shipping label by email, which you can stick on the outside of the package.

  1. New size: Under this link you will find our return form, there you can also easily mark your new size or item.
  2. Packing the package: Please pack the package properly so that it finds its way back to us. Make sure to send back the desired items complete and clean with our return slip.
  3. Check: Through the tracking number we issue to you, we can see when your package has arrived and can assign it. After internal verification, you will receive a confirmation that we have received your package. At the same time we work on your new order and send you your new tracking number.
  4. Q&A: If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, you can contact us at any time via e-mail: