Tree planting

Life Is Pain® is now official partner of Click a Tree

Click a Tree is an environmental organization that plants trees worldwide.

From now on we donate a part of every order to Click a Tree and plant a tree on our earth together with you.

How did it come about that we are now planting trees?

Every year, an average of 13 million hectares of forest are cut down.

This means that not only forest area but also important habitat for animals disappears. This is causing major species extinction. In addition, trees are a good and natural tool against climate change, besides saving emissions.

Trees pull CO2 out of the air, incorporate the carbon and release oxygen into the air.

Living conditions in Ghana are more difficult than in Germany. The population is looking for work - and this is what we are creating with our joint tree planting project.

But it goes even further: thanks to a prudent strategy, we not only create full-time jobs and income here for those people who plant our trees and also look after them.

We uniquely combine livestock farming, agriculture and reforestation to provide both food and work for the local community in the long term - and build a self-sufficient forest along the way.

In addition, we support a local entrepreneurship school where unemployed young people learn to create a better future for themselves.

Our reforestation project in Ghana is a holistic, sustainable approach. After all, a project like "planting trees" that is scheduled to last for decades can only work if it is actually holistically sustainable.

Of course, planting trees will not solve every single problem faced by Ghanaians. But it is a very good start.

How is this being implemented?

Together with Click a Tree, a tree is planted for every order.

In your confirmation email you will receive your own tree certificate in addition to your paperless invoice.

On a quarterly basis we always receive the latest news from the respective project (currently Ghana). These news are for example

how our trees are doing, what the status is, where the tree was actually planted and what it is now used for and much more.

Of course, we then forward this information to everyone who has planted a tree.

At the moment we are planting trees together in Ghana, this project exists since 2019.

Near the village of Kyinderi, there are 1000 acres of land that is available for reforestation. This is because agriculture has become more difficult due to climate change. Rainfall is becoming less and makes it so difficult to do traditional farming. Accordingly, there is great unemployment in the region. The project in Ghana therefore manages to organize local workers for the project.

Image: Click a Tree.©

The project even goes beyond planting trees and creates a sustainable system with livestock, agriculture and reforestation. Thus, the community has food and work and creates great hope for the future. In addition, a school is run for young people at the same time, teaching entrepreneurship. They also participate in sustainability, learn to beekeep or process local fabrics into clothing.

So when you plant trees in Ghana, you're not only doing our planet a huge favor. You're also helping to keep the entrepreneurship school in Kyinderi alive - for many young people, it's the only hope they have.

How does sustainable agriculture work?

Syntropic agriculture, the result is rapid growth of plants, the soil is more nutritious and the harvest becomes higher in the long term.

You first plant two types of trees, "forest trees" and "fruit trees". Forest trees will form a self-sufficient forest and consists of karite trees, mahogany, neem trees and baobabs. Fruit trees in Ghana are mainly banana trees, cashews, moringa, mangoes, gmelina, and citrus.
Baobabs, for example, can live for 3000 years and absorb up to 3 tons of CO2, which is a great way to fight climate change.

Image: Click a Tree.©

Planning the planting is important to maximize the benefits. For example, banana trees are not planted for their fruit but to store water as much as possible. These are later cut down and the stored water is then available to the remaining trees during dry periods. Sweet potatoes are also planted between the fruit trees as they are good against weeds. They can be harvested every 3 months and processed into bread, among other things.

Behind the fruit trees the forest trees are planted with a larger distance to give them a lot of space to grow. The planting of the trees is done alternately until the area of 1000 acres is planted.

However, as mentioned earlier, this project is not solely about the trees for sustainability, but also about livestock. Since grass grows between the trees, cows can feed on just that. Rabbits also feed on the smaller blades of grass left by the cows. The cow patties leave behind worms, larvae and grubs. Chickens pick these out and in the process distribute the nutrients of the cows' leftovers, thus creating fertilizer.

A happy climate between free animals and nutrient-rich and fertile soil is created.

How did the partnership come about?

'As a child, I grew up next to the forest. Our parents' house was right next to the forest, which is why even deer, wild boars, foxes and many other rather shy animals often entered our garden. Forests are life. I want to give our earth back the life it gave us, which is why I created the partnership with Click a Tree.'

- Mazlum, founder of Life Is Pain®.

How are the trees planted?

'We don't plant the trees ourselves, we fund our partner Click a Tree with every order that is placed. They will plant the trees as soon as possible.
First, a sufficient number of seeds are procured, these seeds are then grown in our project's own tree nursery, for about 3-6 months.
Then they are planted in the field, usually at the beginning or during the rainy season. (April to October)

For at least 3 years, Click a Tree continues to lovingly care for the trees until they are large enough to survive on their own. At least 3 years, as many tree species take much longer to be viable. For example, we care for our baobabs for an average of 12 years, as they grow very slowly.
And also, once the trees are out of the woods, we of course continue to nurture them so that they grow together into a great, highly diverse forest - and then this forest persists. This means that in the years and decades to come, we will continue to protect the trees from illegal logging, etc., so that a functioning forest really does develop there and then remains standing.
After all, we want to create habitat for animals - and they feel most comfortable in a large, wonderful forest.

Meet our tree planting team!

Chris, the founder and CEO of Click A Tree:
A few fun facts about me: I'm a huge sports fan and super enjoy playing volleyball and floorball. I recently got myself a worm bin, which is a home for 500 worms, which provides a lot of conversation in our team meetings. At Click A Tree, I coach our team, take care of our B2B partners and the implementation of tree planting on site.

Susanne, People Management and PR Rockstar:
As a rock lover, I love going to rock concerts when I'm not spending time with my fun son. At Click A Tree, my big passion is to make us more known. Especially with new and strong partners to help us plant as many trees as possible. I am also the people manager on our team and handle team building events. (Drink) *cough*.

Sandra, our social media specialist:
Things to know about me: I like to play basketball, do yoga and scuba dive. At Click A Tree, I am responsible for our visuals and social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I work at Click A Tree because I love nature and wildlife. In my travels, I have seen wild elephants, tigers, leopards, and rhinos, all of which depend on their natural habitats. Unfortunately, their habitats are shrinking year by year. Therefore, it is my wish to revive this wonderful, wild planet and give protection and space to life on earth.

Margarita, our website and newsletter professional:
I am a big bookworm. So if you need book recommendations, let me know and I'll send you a book list. At Click A Tree, I am in direct contact with our partners, take care of the website and write our super awesome newsletter. I work for Click A Tree because I want to keep our nature alive so that future generations can enjoy this beauty and feel the energy that comes from the trees.

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