Bipolar Face

Why does your ‚smiley’ logo have such a strange face?

A little background Story to our second Logo. 


In our first blog post we would like to introduce you to our smiley face logo and explain the background.

We don't have a name for our logo.

It doesn't need a name, does it?


Life is pain, life is fear, and man is unhappy. Now all is pain and fear. Now man loves life because he loves pain and fear. That’s how they’ve made it. Life now is given in exchange for pain and fear, and that is the whole deceit. Man now is not yet the right man. There will be a new man, happy and proud. He for whom it will make no difference whether he lives or does not live, he will be the new man. He who overcomes pain and fear will himself be God. And this [current] God will not be.“

- Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Devils


It has no gender. It's a face with 2 eyes and 3 mouths.

It's smiling, it's sad, and it's neutral (numb).

Oh and not round, that's our smiley. With that being said, it represents more than just one thing. It stands for every feeling you might have going through different situations in life. It doesn't conform to the norm, it's anything but normal.


I came up with the idea of the logo while I was in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

After an exhausting rave evening I walked home at 5am trough the streets of Prague. I was lost trying to find my way home when a failed attempt of a smiley catched my eye. It was sprayed on a random wall and I stopped. I stood there and so many thoughts started floating around in my head.



It perfectly reflected my feelings in the moment as if my soul sprayed the smiley face there. Since then I couldn't get the badly sprayed smiley out of my head. It triggered my creativity and I knew I had to create something that included the smiley.

When I arrived in Germany I added two more mouths and normal eyes.

The original eyes on it seemed sad and that the smiley was going through a hard time and only showing this specific feeling.

But the logo wasn’t supposed to only show one of the possible stages of feelings. Now it displays more of the emotions humans are able to have. You can interpret all of your feelings into it.

If you concentrate, you can only see one of these feelings. It depends on you what you see and how you are feeling right now. With our logo we sum up in 2D form what we are able to feel in our 3D reality.

After i created the logo, i went to the patent office and successfully registered the smiley as the second logo for Life Is Pain®️.




- Words & Images by MAZ & NIK 

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